Since time immemorial I have had a passion for horses, I really do not remember how or when it happened, it just always was.

I was fortunate to spend most of my childhood years living on my Grandparent’s farm.  My Paternal Grandfather raced Standardbred sulky horses across Ontario.  Although this was before I was born, I enjoy hearing the stories and admiring the pictures and news articles of exciting record-breaking wins.  I was lucky enough to enjoy the retired horses and leisure horses that followed when the racing career ended.

My maternal Grandparents had a love for all animals, and they were a part of life on their farm.  My Grandfather bred his Canadian mare with a Registered Appaloosa stud that belonged to a friend of his.  This cute little black and white blanketed appaloosa was my first official horse.  This little appy was spicy and taught me a lot!

Fast forward to my adult life with my husband, we own On Duty Equipment and Kern Outdoor Outfitters, where we manufacture emergency services uniforms and gear and carry many outdoor and adventure lines.  We have enjoyed our successful business for over 20 years.  This business helps support our lifestyle that revolves around horses.  We own a 160-acre horse farm in Northern Ontario.  We have a herd of beautiful registered American Quarter Horses.  Our first foal arrived in May of 2022 – a smoky black stallion.  In all senses – he is our Alpha Horse!

When our farriers suggested that we make horsefly boots – we said yes and here we are.  We have merged our business and our passion to bring you an amazing quality product that will help your horse stay healthy and happy.  We strive to produce the best quality for our customers and horses – Alpha products for Alpha Horses!