Alpha Horse Fly Boots


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These boots were created after our horse’s hooves were chipping out and our farriers advised that the damage was caused by stomping to chase away the flies. Stomping to remove flies, irritates horses, can cause chipping hooves, can loosen shoe nails to cause loose shoes, and could cause soreness and leg strains, and of course the issue of bot eggs.
The good news is that there is an easy fix! These boots were designed in consultation with our farriers and created with horse health in mind. These boots cover the cornet band and provide soft skin contact, are breathable, and have Velcro closures for ease of use. Designed to prevent flies from landing, biting, laying their eggs, and irritating your horse’s legs.
Prevent health issues and reduce horse stress and in turn, reduce horse owner stress!

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Full – Large, Cob – Medium, Pony – Small, Shetty – XSmall


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